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# Saturday, July 21, 2007

Well I started Twittering last night.  (Would that be the proper wording for it?)  Twitter is a site that allows you to setup a page and post short message too it, similar to a blog, but the messages have to be under 140 characters.  You can post from the website, instant messenger, or a text message from your cell phone.  Basically intended to keep friends up to date on where you are or what you are doing.  I'm using it to vent throughout the day about work and life, hence the reason I haven't posted the link to my Twitter account because I just may be venting a short message about you, but feel free to try and find it.  In general it seems like Twitter is a general waste of space and time, but I also see where it could come in handy.  It would be interesting to try Twittering a diet or spending habbits.  It would also be nice to have all you friends on Twitter to know when individuals are as bored as you or up late at night, so that you know who you can bug.

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