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# Tuesday, January 1, 2008

    Well lately I have been using Resharper from JetBrains which is an amazing Visual Studio Add in that adds an extensive amount of new features and shortcuts. It has greatly increased my productivity and if you're not using it then you should at least download the 30 day trial and test it out. (Greg this means you. Tell Matt I said he should buy it for you.) I especially like the file structure explorer that allows me to organize functions and properties in a class by dragging them around instead of needing to copy and paste them. This is very helpful when organizing your classes into regions. Also, if you've ever had a giant solution where it begins to be difficult to find files you'll appreciate the file search that allows you to start typing a filename and get a filtered list of files. It definitely can be a bit overwhelming with all the shortcuts it adds to Visual Studio so in order to make looking up the shortcuts easier I created this basic VS2005 add in that displays the Resharper cheat sheet on the screen. After installing the Recheater Add in you can display the cheat sheet by hitting CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-H and close it down by hitting the ESC key. To change the shortcut key simply modify the config file located under My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Addins\RecheaterAddin. It's a pretty basic application, but feel free to download Recheater and post a comment if you find any bugs or want to suggest an enhancement.

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