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# Sunday, October 21, 2007

Well for those of you keeping track of my DVR I just wanted to note that with the recent rebuild and upgrade to KnoppMyth R5F1 (It looks like the version is now up to R527. So much for staying current!) I also add two new hardware components. The first was a 500 GB SATA hard drive that I have allocated directly to TV recordings. You can read about how I did this in one of my previous posting. I purchased this hard drive at CompUSA for $127.19. The other item I added was an HD over-the-air tuner card so that I could start watching and recording in high definition. The card I purchased was a pcHDTV hd-5500 for $129 that I bought from StormLogic. StormLogic is selling prebuilt KnoppMyth boxes for $1,157.57. They have the process down pretty well and have contributed several scripts to KnoppMyth. The card installed very easily. After installing the card though I found that my system did not have the processing power to handing watching live HD very well. It also had random issues when anything else wanted to share the processor with it. I resolved this problem, by buying the fastest processor the current motherboard could handle. This turned out to be an AMD Athlon X2 4200+ from NewEgg for $72.50. The fact that the system is now dual core greatly improved the processing power of the DVR and now I have no problems watching or recording HD. I've now got the ability to record three shows at once, two from my cable connection, and one from HD broadcast. I also have the storage capacity now to handle plenty of recordings without worrying about running out of storage space. Lastly, I am now paying for a TV guide subscription through SchedulesDirect. The subscription is down to $20 a year which I can't complain about too much. As a side note, blogging from Word 2007 seems to be working out great and is a lot easier!

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